Daddy's Little Girl

Don’t Move

Dedicated to my better half, my bestfriend, my love Gary ❤

Let these hands glide
As I steady you with my lips
Don’t move.
I have yet to know your every inch
Taste you right from the mouth
You transform me—
I am never the same.
From a friend to a lover
You take me by hand
Faster than lightning
I breeze through the phases of life
Oh please don’t move
Can we just capture this moment?
Because the first is the only first
And the rest are special
Every single one
Love is what I hope to make
A million times with you


And the Story Continues . . .

After finally being married to the love of my life, it felt like I was in a state of oblivion in Cloud 9. The romance was so thick and intoxicating and the world looked perfect. Honeymoon stage, as many may call it, and that wedding could be the perfect ending to a happy, victorious story of conquest for love.

But just like any TV series, what I really thought to be a perfect ending was actually a new beginning. As of posting, I’m into my 8th week of pregnancy. My husband has already gone to work overseas and will be back early May. I am writing this while I’m alone in my house and nursing the 24/7 ‘morning sickness’ common to those in their first trimester.

Is it back to reality for me? Not quite. Motherhood is one aspect that I know nothing about! And for me, it is a whole new walk of faith all over again. I thank God because He is my ‘ever-present help in time of need’. And I am sure in saying that more than anyone else, God knows everything that is going on in my daily life. He alone knows how my baby is doing inside my tummy. I am grateful to Him for being my parent, my confidant, my husband, my friend, my doctor, and my All-Powerful God at this time.

I am being challenged by this new chapter in my life, which, many may think, came so soon, but I know that this is in God’s timing. Truly, when I said that I will follow Him at His pace and will, He took me seriously! I cannot just sit in oblivion and pause at that moment of bliss. I need to continue running this race. He isn’t done with me yet.

For this new season, there is new grace. For this unknown path, God has gone ahead of us. For this new challenge, there awaits new victory.

I need your prayers. By the grace of God, I hope to finish strong and finally meet another addition to life’s casting. 🙂

Here’s a photo of my baby at 7 weeks with a heartbeat! 🙂


Birthday Blues?

I entered my birthday with tears in my eyes and heavy sobs of pain and surrender.  Yes, I am celebrating my day with a broken heart caused by the many circumstances that I don’t understand.  Seems like I’ve been in this place before, only it’s different.  I know Who made it happened and we both know it’s for the good. And as I feel each pierce through my soul, my head leans on His chest. It is a necessary thing.

I can say that pain is a very good teacher because you will remember every lesson it teaches you, especially the ones that go against what’s natural. Take for example the lesson of “loving despite of” say, the danger of having your list shattered or the risk of getting hurt.  Another one would be to not point fingers to causes, human or not, but just trusting that the God you consider your Lord is in control of everything and is after your good. And there are those times, too, that holding on is much more painful than letting go but you just need to hang on some more.

I would like to cry until I have released every tear for today so I can celebrate my day with people later wearing a genuine smile.  Come to think of it, I am fine.  I am at the best place anyway, leaning on the One who loves me most.


Somber Season

I just came from my third wake in a row of two amazing people who I believe have lived their lives to the full. These nights have put me in a somber mood and has flooded my mind with many thoughts.

Moments like these are rich sources of history and information, probably a gold mine for researchers, writers, or even filmmakers.  It also makes people instant optimists and encouragers, seeing and highlighting the best about the one that passed away.  Oh, how the world would be a better place if only we’d learn to see and treat every person this way! Yet we cannot deny that this is a difficult task for all of us. Still, this can be learned.

My heart is numb while writing this blog post as I have had some losses of my own, too. However, my heart goes out to those whose losses are irreversible like death.  May God’s greater grace and comfort be upon each one and may the complete healing of hearts come. This may sound cliche, but really it’s the only truth we can bank on—God is still sovereign over our lives.

The nature of this season of losses has probably added to why I still can’t feel the Christmas spirit. But I’m sure this will help me focus on the right values of Christmas, first and foremost, our relationship with Jesus, and the relationships He has blessed me with.

May we all have a meaningful Christmas saturated with His presence and the love of those dear to us.

Globe Tattoo Toolbar Experience

I was supposed to post this review earlier last week but I couldn’t find my subject! I am using a MacBook and the Globe Tattoo toolbar doesn’t show on Firefox and Chrome. Imagine my joy when I finally saw  the little purple icon on the lower right-hand portion of the page—the Globe Tattoo toolbar works on Safari!

So here goes, my review on the Globe Tattoo toolbar. I am no techie person so I’ll just share my thoughts and experience in plain terms.

The Toolbar Encounter
The toolbar link is discrete since it is just a box on the right-hand bottom of the page and it is translucent until you hover it with the cursor.  It is not distracting at all—might cause the user to wonder at first but after a while, you get used to it.  It probably is too discrete to be noticed right away.

There it is: The cute purple icon of the Globe Tattoo toolbar!

Clicking on the icon expands it into a purple box with tabs containing links that are useful to Globe Tattoo subscribers

The Glamor Experience

Clicking on the “Live Tattoo” tab brings you inside the Globe Tattoo web page shown below.

From the deep purple color to the specific lifestyles highlighted, it exudes an exclusive feel. I think they achieved the goal of conveying that Globe Tattoo users are privileged. It’s like joining an exclusive members-only club online! And their audience is very specific: university students, esteemed campuses, and the young working force with edgy lifestyles.

The inside pages of this menu though does not have any content yet since the Globe Tattoo toolbar is still being developed further.  Yet once this is launched, those who would populate this website with content should be very strategic and keen on keeping their message interesting.

While Browsing
Exploring through the menu of the Tattoo toolbar isn’t hard at all. It is actually user-friendly. Information is concise,not wordy.  The webpage looks clean and the glamor branding is felt all throughout the tabs of the toolbar.

While browsing though, an alert pops up announcing a new message from Globe Tattoo with matching background music prompt.  It kind of startled me. I wish there was a link displayed on the toolbar for changing the settings, like turn of the alert for example. I explored some more but no such feature or “Settings” menu is found on the tabs of the Globe Tattoo toolbar.

Additional Thoughts
In this day and age of mobile apps, a toolbar might come across as passe. I remember how every search engine before would have their own toolbar that are sort of forced on online users. I didn’t like those because it gave me extra work to deactivate each.

Globe Tattoo might want  to consider developing this as an app instead and not as a toolbar.  It makes more sense that way because the features it offers is actually that of an app.

Thank you, Globe Tattoo, for the chance to experience the Globe Tattoo toolbar. If developed and streamlined some more, this feature will prove to be promising.

My Musical Journey: New Season

As of this writing, I can say that I have been in this musical journey for quite some time now. Kind of like just taking a quick stop to put my experiences in writing to have something to look back at or to share with people who may have the curiosity to join me in this journey. I am taking my friend’s advice to put this season in my life in writing as well. I think it is a brilliant idea! So here goes, my attempt to blog yet again and chronicle this season that I’m in.

I am currently preparing for a jazz songwriting and performance competition and so, a lot is going on in my mind. I wasn’t very enthusiastic about joining this contest. Though I must admit, I have never joined any contest with much enthusiasm—I’m nervous every time! But for this particular competition, I think, I had excuses in every step. At first, I didn’t want to submit an entry because I didn’t have a band and the money to put together one. But it was my now bandmates, Paul and Diego, who encouraged me to give it a shot and who said that they will back me up even if the monetary returns weren’t stable and sure. So I thought, alright, there’s no harm in trying and I submitted an entry.

I almost gave up the hope because the contest administration were quiet for a while. But lo and behold, my entry got in! The second song that I have ever written in my entire life got in! This competition is also special to me since it’s the first one that is focused on my favorite genre which is jazz. It is actually a rare opportunity.

The official announcement that my song made it as one of the finalists!

Portion of the contest was an online voting campaign and this gave me the opportunity to meet relatives in Facebook and unite all my friends and loved ones, albeit online. So overwhelmed and thankful for their support ❤

And yet still, in every step, I found myself finding an excuse to quit from the pettiest of things like not having a high resolution band photo to my ever concern which is the funds. Other road blocks were also clear like finding myself having to compete with professionals and schooled musicians and that includes my former bandmates and mentors who will be helping out other finalists. I thought, the term “live battle” could very well be literal in this context.

Still, though anxious, I am just amazed at the support that was coming in—from my bandmates who believed in my song (and mind you, I got two of the finest jazz artists that the nation has yet to witness!), to dear friends and colleagues who are willing to pay a pricey ticket just to watch and those who can’t watch but chose to invest their ticket money instead, a friend and role model who moved mountains to get me the finest bassist, our celebrity bassist who spared some of his most precious time to help us out, to dear mentors who cheered me on, friends and loved ones who voted and campaigned for my song online, and family who said they are proud of me and gave me my much needed support. God has refuted my every worry and excuse. I am humbled and ever grateful. To repay this kindness is beyond me!

My baby’s now on paper! Thank you, mastah Paul Moldez!

And yes, even after all these blessings, I am still nervous—such a hardheaded me! Well, probably because I have never competed like this before. My previous competitions were not on a stage or were science contests. So help me, God! I am holding my sword with much fear and trembling, but there is no turning back. I must take this challenge now that I have come this far and have taken too many people along with me. I also want to give God all the leeway to accomplish His purposes through me and through this situation that He allowed to happen and brought me through every step of the way.

Please Vote for my Song :)

I got in as finalist to the first Boy Katindig Jazz Competition.  It’s a songwriting and performance contest and my original song, (the second song I ever wrote!) got in! 😀 Thank you, Lord 🙂

Please vote for my song by clicking “LIKE” in this page (and I sincerely hope that you’d truly like it :D): Vote for Heaven on Earth is You.

Thank you so much! Blessings! ❤