I just came from my third wake in a row of two amazing people who I believe have lived their lives to the full. These nights have put me in a somber mood and has flooded my mind with many thoughts.

Moments like these are rich sources of history and information, probably a gold mine for researchers, writers, or even filmmakers.  It also makes people instant optimists and encouragers, seeing and highlighting the best about the one that passed away.  Oh, how the world would be a better place if only we’d learn to see and treat every person this way! Yet we cannot deny that this is a difficult task for all of us. Still, this can be learned.

My heart is numb while writing this blog post as I have had some losses of my own, too. However, my heart goes out to those whose losses are irreversible like death.  May God’s greater grace and comfort be upon each one and may the complete healing of hearts come. This may sound cliche, but really it’s the only truth we can bank on—God is still sovereign over our lives.

The nature of this season of losses has probably added to why I still can’t feel the Christmas spirit. But I’m sure this will help me focus on the right values of Christmas, first and foremost, our relationship with Jesus, and the relationships He has blessed me with.

May we all have a meaningful Christmas saturated with His presence and the love of those dear to us.