I was supposed to post this review earlier last week but I couldn’t find my subject! I am using a MacBook and the Globe Tattoo toolbar doesn’t show on Firefox and Chrome. Imagine my joy when I finally saw  the little purple icon on the lower right-hand portion of the page—the Globe Tattoo toolbar works on Safari!

So here goes, my review on the Globe Tattoo toolbar. I am no techie person so I’ll just share my thoughts and experience in plain terms.

The Toolbar Encounter
The toolbar link is discrete since it is just a box on the right-hand bottom of the page and it is translucent until you hover it with the cursor.  It is not distracting at all—might cause the user to wonder at first but after a while, you get used to it.  It probably is too discrete to be noticed right away.

There it is: The cute purple icon of the Globe Tattoo toolbar!

Clicking on the icon expands it into a purple box with tabs containing links that are useful to Globe Tattoo subscribers

The Glamor Experience

Clicking on the “Live Tattoo” tab brings you inside the Globe Tattoo web page shown below.

From the deep purple color to the specific lifestyles highlighted, it exudes an exclusive feel. I think they achieved the goal of conveying that Globe Tattoo users are privileged. It’s like joining an exclusive members-only club online! And their audience is very specific: university students, esteemed campuses, and the young working force with edgy lifestyles.

The inside pages of this menu though does not have any content yet since the Globe Tattoo toolbar is still being developed further.  Yet once this is launched, those who would populate this website with content should be very strategic and keen on keeping their message interesting.

While Browsing
Exploring through the menu of the Tattoo toolbar isn’t hard at all. It is actually user-friendly. Information is concise,not wordy.  The webpage looks clean and the glamor branding is felt all throughout the tabs of the toolbar.

While browsing though, an alert pops up announcing a new message from Globe Tattoo with matching background music prompt.  It kind of startled me. I wish there was a link displayed on the toolbar for changing the settings, like turn of the alert for example. I explored some more but no such feature or “Settings” menu is found on the tabs of the Globe Tattoo toolbar.

Additional Thoughts
In this day and age of mobile apps, a toolbar might come across as passe. I remember how every search engine before would have their own toolbar that are sort of forced on online users. I didn’t like those because it gave me extra work to deactivate each.

Globe Tattoo might want  to consider developing this as an app instead and not as a toolbar.  It makes more sense that way because the features it offers is actually that of an app.

Thank you, Globe Tattoo, for the chance to experience the Globe Tattoo toolbar. If developed and streamlined some more, this feature will prove to be promising.