As of this writing, I can say that I have been in this musical journey for quite some time now. Kind of like just taking a quick stop to put my experiences in writing to have something to look back at or to share with people who may have the curiosity to join me in this journey. I am taking my friend’s advice to put this season in my life in writing as well. I think it is a brilliant idea! So here goes, my attempt to blog yet again and chronicle this season that I’m in.

I am currently preparing for a jazz songwriting and performance competition and so, a lot is going on in my mind. I wasn’t very enthusiastic about joining this contest. Though I must admit, I have never joined any contest with much enthusiasm—I’m nervous every time! But for this particular competition, I think, I had excuses in every step. At first, I didn’t want to submit an entry because I didn’t have a band and the money to put together one. But it was my now bandmates, Paul and Diego, who encouraged me to give it a shot and who said that they will back me up even if the monetary returns weren’t stable and sure. So I thought, alright, there’s no harm in trying and I submitted an entry.

I almost gave up the hope because the contest administration were quiet for a while. But lo and behold, my entry got in! The second song that I have ever written in my entire life got in! This competition is also special to me since it’s the first one that is focused on my favorite genre which is jazz. It is actually a rare opportunity.

The official announcement that my song made it as one of the finalists!

Portion of the contest was an online voting campaign and this gave me the opportunity to meet relatives in Facebook and unite all my friends and loved ones, albeit online. So overwhelmed and thankful for their support ❤

And yet still, in every step, I found myself finding an excuse to quit from the pettiest of things like not having a high resolution band photo to my ever concern which is the funds. Other road blocks were also clear like finding myself having to compete with professionals and schooled musicians and that includes my former bandmates and mentors who will be helping out other finalists. I thought, the term “live battle” could very well be literal in this context.

Still, though anxious, I am just amazed at the support that was coming in—from my bandmates who believed in my song (and mind you, I got two of the finest jazz artists that the nation has yet to witness!), to dear friends and colleagues who are willing to pay a pricey ticket just to watch and those who can’t watch but chose to invest their ticket money instead, a friend and role model who moved mountains to get me the finest bassist, our celebrity bassist who spared some of his most precious time to help us out, to dear mentors who cheered me on, friends and loved ones who voted and campaigned for my song online, and family who said they are proud of me and gave me my much needed support. God has refuted my every worry and excuse. I am humbled and ever grateful. To repay this kindness is beyond me!

My baby’s now on paper! Thank you, mastah Paul Moldez!

And yes, even after all these blessings, I am still nervous—such a hardheaded me! Well, probably because I have never competed like this before. My previous competitions were not on a stage or were science contests. So help me, God! I am holding my sword with much fear and trembling, but there is no turning back. I must take this challenge now that I have come this far and have taken too many people along with me. I also want to give God all the leeway to accomplish His purposes through me and through this situation that He allowed to happen and brought me through every step of the way.