In the many times I have looked at my life in retrospect, holes and weak spots are singled out every time. You know, things like how I wasn’t allowed to climb a tree or ride a bike at an early age which made me aloof with sports and the outdoors, how no one really showed me how to read literature voraciously, how no one showed me that having a business-oriented mind can give you an edge in life, and how I was taught to pursue needs and not dreams or natural inclinations. I only had a few memories of my penchant for poetry and singing being celebrated. Well, probably a good number of times, but no one really thought of it as a possible career in the future.

Isn’t it tempting to point fingers at who didn’t do his or her part? That is taking the easy way, actually taking the thoughtless and heartless route.  My youngest brother Jake and I have been discussing this for a time now, how deprived we were of opportunities growing up and how our parents seem to have not planned well when they started our family. And yes, in a way, it can be true. However, my parents deserve much credit for fighting to give us the life they never had. Thanks to them, we were able to study in really good schools because they valued education, we were able to eat decent meals every day, we are able to come home to a family that is intact, and we did not have to face the challenges they faced growing up. They may not be millionaires or the most famous of parents, but they have been a blessing. They did the dirty work laying the foundation. Now, it’s our turn to build on what they have started.

It’s still a lot of work, but the challenge is to do everything we can to honor God’s will for our family.  I still have high hopes for my family even if at times I feel like I’m running out of time and there is still so much to do and so much to learn. Then again, this is the very reason why we all need a Savior—because we can never do it all on our own. For all the things I missed and all the years I have wasted, God is able to return them just as He promised.

At that time I will gather you; at that time I will bring you home. I will give you honor and praise among all the peoples of the earth when I restore your fortunes before your very eyes,” says the LORD.(Zephaniah 3:20)

My prayer is that may my generation be found faithful to do our end of the bargain since God has already assured us of His grace, mercy, and salvation just as He did with our parents.