No, I’m not taking Nirvana’s advice—I’m going the opposite route! Haha! No, seriously, let me explain as this may be taken out of context.

After a long while, I was able to have a little jog/brisk-walk/sound-trip session (my own version of exercise) at UP kong mahal and as usual, I also used the time to think. I really need time to think and time to be alone regularly.  It keeps me focused on what I should do and not just go on doing stuff to ease the weekly stress.

With the many things (mostly wonderful) going on in my life right now, I am kind of careful not to waste opportunities or deviate from God’s will for my life. But that’s a weak spot right there—I am worrying! I just realized that for so long now, in trying to do what is asked of me, I have been unconsciously trying to become someone else and trying to be somebody.  So far, it has been a taxing experience.  Going for the approval of people is never worthwhile.  We must stay true to God’s purpose for us.

There must be a reason why God made me this way—why music gives me so much happiness, why worshiping God is always a thrill, why I cannot really claim that I am a bookworm and a writer but I like my content neat, excellent, deep, and just perfect, why I am shy but enjoy meaningful relationships, why I am always challenged and feel valued when entrusted with responsibility . . . I could go on and on.  This is not to say, though, that I do not need further tweaking.  We all are works in progress and we ought to do our best to allow God to be the One to change us.

Perhaps, that is the point—I just need to allow God to work out His purposes for me. Honestly, I do not see a future for me if left by myself. But God said that before we were formed in the womb, He already knows us. So, I should have no apologies when it comes to who I am, right?

Wish me success, guys! All I really want is to hit that mark set for me bulls-eye.

I need to run more.