On my ride home today, I thought, what if I never get to spend the rest of life with someone? A dreaded thought it may seem, but what if it were true? What if I was meant to stand alone?

That thought opened my mind to something that might already be obvious to many of you—that the truth is, it is my choice to make. I can choose to be miserable, to blame God and others, to stay lonely, to forever wonder and wish for things that may never come or happen my way. And I can also choose to be the best that I can be, to focus on God’s intended purpose for my life, and give it my all. The choice is mine!

Yes, the feelings that can eat a single person alive still linger, but I don’t want to waste the remaining years that God entrusted me with. At the end of it all, I am still accountable to what I have done with my life.

I have not given up hope, certainly not. To have my own family and leave my legacy is still a dream. But I just have to make peace with myself if ever life takes the lonely route. Single or not, I still want to live the best out of my life and glorify God with it. After all, it’s really all about Him and all for Him.