I have long abandoned going to ukay-ukay stores because the dust in those places triggers my sinusitis.  But since I have this almost self-imposed need to change my wardrobe, this is one of the cheapest way to do that. And so, I braved once again this ukay-ukay mall in Anonas and see if I still had the eye for great finds (like I really had it before, haha!).

This post is not one of those that give advice on style, definitely not. I am no expert when it comes to fashion. I need help myself.  But browsing through the four floors of thrift shops, I realized my taste has changed, somehow.  Though I am still stingy or perhaps just fooling myself that I have the skill to unearth great finds worth twenty bucks—that one didn’t change.

So to share my collection, which I am quite excited about, here are some great finds, in my own opinion. (Don’t mess with me, y’all! Haha!)

Oversized Gray Blouse (PHP70)

Pink Bat-winged Blouse (PHP80) - With glitters! ❤

Oversized Flower Print Blouse (PHP120) - A bit pricey for an ukay, but the fabric's worth the splurge

Hopefully, all of these personal great finds will suit the new thing I’ve done to my hair.

Gone straight. Again. With a lighter shade this time 😉

Till the next update, folks! Ciao!