This may be a tad too late for a New Year’s post but, hey, it’s still Chinese New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi, everyone!

I just thought writing down my goals for 2012 will help me focus and actually work to see them happen.  No, this isn’t a list of want I would stop doing but things that I’d like to do. So help me, God!

1. Dress my age (or close to it)

I am not so fond of shopping. I only buy apparel when I need one soonest like on the same day. And so my collection of clothes would last for years almost without me noticing. But it’s different now. Hitting the 30’s made me feel like I need to define this part of my life—haha! Yes, you are allowed to exclaim “Finally!”

2. Extend my planning scope

I used to be good at this when I was in high school. I got to plan my whole school year and was almost glued to my organizer. I don’t know what happened but I feel like I lost the habit or I just didn’t grow in it. Probably the countless plans that didn’t push through got me jaded. Oh well, must return to the practice now. How about a 5-year plan? I’ll start with one year first.

3. Earn all I can, save all I can, give all I can

I like giving, especially when I know that I can touch a life significantly. However, many factors have hindered me to give more and even save up. This has got to stop. I need to earn more. So I’m reminding God of His promise and expecting that mind-boggling abundance to happen to me this year.

4. Crave change and push for it

I don’t know what happened but just this month, it was like a blindfold was removed from my eyes and I saw that even if I have been asking God for breakthroughs every year, I was just accepting (or worse, even expecting) that my prayers won’t be answered right away. That won’t do anymore.  I want to see God’s goodness in the land of the living.

5. Learn music theory and an instrument

A friend, a musical genius, once said: “If you say you love music, then study it. Know it.” I take that as a rebuke. And yes, I will prove my love for music.

6. Write some more

Hence this post. I cannot microblog forever and expect that book to come alive.

7. See things happen

I am changing the motto that I have imbibed since I worked an administrative job which is: Make things happen.  I simply can’t. So now, I’ll let God do the job and I shall “See things happen.”

8. Learn legitimate cooking

My dad has the talent and I feel obliged to be able to do the same. I still want to believe that it’s hereditary.

9. Be in great shape

Discipline is the key. And thinking about that makes me want to run away and hide! Aaaaarrgh! I can do this!

10. Love

Enough said. It has got to be this year.


I won’t ask you to wish me luck. We don’t really need luck, do we? We need a supernatural power to “see these all happen.” I am hoping for 2012 to be different—to be a year when I (or we) will actually experience breakthroughs with all my five senses. Aaaaaaah, it’s gonna be epic! \m/