I’ve always been mum about the topic of love in my blog posts. Well, maybe excluding the numerous pick-up lines, songs, and poems I wrote on it. (Maybe I wasn’t so mum about it after all . . . ha!) But yeah, I have avoided blogging about it because I know I’m no expert in this area and I’d rather just learn from someone who has gone ahead of me in this journey. Also, I find it hard to take love talks seriously; hence the resort to writing stuff that makes people cringe in cheesiness.

This month, I had an instant church tour with the help of my musician friends. We jokingly called our Saturday gigs as the “Love Awareness Tour.” We played for two singles’ events and another one for married couples. Prior to that, I was given a chance to sing two songs for a marriage booster seminar.

Every time I’m asked to sing for a wedding or a church event related to love, I feel honored and really excited to serve. It is a privilege to have the little talent that I can give being used by God to strengthen marriages and give hope to those who are waiting (naks!). Yet somehow, honestly, it can be a bit of a torture sometimes especially when you can’t fully relate to what you are singing. Singing love songs sometimes feels like writing intransitive verbs for me—without a direct object. Haha! Okay, enough “geekery” and I’ll stop right there before you’ll think that I’m ranting about my own love life. That is not my point here.

So moving on, my February has never been so busy. I have never attended to so many seminars on love or heard about different love stories before. And with all that, my biggest revelation is this: God is truly amazing. He is the most creative love story Writer. He is the most powerful Redeemer Who can turn garbage into royalty and heal dying and battered hearts. He alone can restore our worth, our wasted years, and give us our “happily ever after.”

Perhaps, my band’s joke on us having a “Love Awareness Tour” has become true for me and I am pushed to think about love seriously for once. Just to share what I have taken to heart so far, I am all the more convinced that it is best to make God the first chapter of all our stories. If we begin with Him, the One Who started it all, things will fall according to His plan.

You see, I’m really not used in writing about this stuff seriously. I’m having a hard time finishing this piece without deviating into other topics that are more comfortable (Haha!). But I guess that’s it: point of the matter is, I am very much for people finding their purpose in life, relationships that last forever as they are founded right, and seeing God’s greatness being highlighted in every story. And since I have not arrived yet in my own happy ending, let me wish you a right start! So friends, here’s to happy endings and great adventures ahead in our so-called “love lives.”