The thought of going to the dentist next week is killing me. I must have gotten this from my dad, whom we had to tie up and drag to one to take care of his nightly bouts of toothache. Well, I’m getting an appointment for the same reason, except that there is no one to tie me up (and no, I don’t need volunteers for that).

So I have a week left to psyche myself up, muster all the courage I can, and pray, pray, pray! If only this can go away through prayer and fasting, I would have taken the long, spiritual route. But of course, that’s what common sense is for—to make practical decisions.

This will be my first tooth extraction/root canal procedure, if ever. And honestly, I am so scared. 😦 (I want my mommy!!!) I am experiencing this kind of dental problem just now. But this toothache has got to end, once and for all. Times like this just remind me that I’m no Super Girl, that practically there’s only me to take care of myself (therefore I cannot afford to be a cry baby), and that I should always make quick and firm decisions even when faced with fear. So, let’s start with this toothache.