I usually spend Undas in San Pablo City with my grandparents. This time though, a first actually, I chose to stay in my boarding house. Maybe because November 2 is a non-holiday, it would be too tiring for me to travel and just stay in Laguna overnight. Though I miss my relatives very much, I’ll just plan my visit there some other time.

Staying here wasn’t so bad actually. I got to spend dinner and lunch with my board mates who probably had the same thinking as me, too tired to go to the cemeteries or the provinces. We shared two meals of noodles: spaghetti for dinner and pancit for lunch. I am almost convinced that this was to ward off the gloomy feeling of death that the holiday brought or “pangotra sa kamatayan.” Pancit for long life! Haha, clever. Both meals weren’t lavish, really, but it was the stories and the little discoveries I had of these people whom I shared only “hi’s” and “hello’s” with most of the time—that was precious.

I capped off my November 1 with a trip to my colleague and friend Ana’s house. They held a garage sale which hit three birds with one stone: to save them some space, to earn extra money, and to bless people. I had a grand time observing her family interact during merienda-turned-dinner and again, stories were shared. I also gained a furry friend in Beloy, Ana’s cute and fat dog who let me scratch his tummy several times (grrrrrrr).

I did purchase a few pieces from their garage sale (the shopaholic in me had to be contained, yes), but I went home even more blessed. Thanks, Ana! That was one visit to remember! 🙂

As I am writing this entry, many thoughts are running in my mind—the thoughts of wanting my own place, my theoretical love life, the To Do list that remained almost untouched over the weekend, the new things that I have said “yes” to, and again, my theoretical love life. As Mark Luna advised me here in one of my FB statuses, “wag ko nang isipin para wala akong gagawin.” True enough because I decided to write this post instead. Come to think of it, I have been praying to God for recreation and new zest in life. I think He answered my prayer well.