I just asked the bus personnel to change the movie shown tonight. I don’t usually do that but the movie was simply unbearable. I didn’t bother to ask what the title was. Just the few scenes that flashed before me were all too gory, violent, to the point of being worthless! Those were the last pictures I would like to see after a long day’s work!

It took them a long time before they finally switched to a local TV station and I was about to have my tickets refunded and go down the bus just to prove my point. Good thing they didn’t take my request for granted.

What happened made my mind race with so many questions: What could this violent movies do to the minds of these helpless, stressed-out bus audience whose brains aren’t actually sifting through the ideas but absorbing all that they can get? Are these the kind of junk we’re feeding ourselves and the younger generation? What in the world did the makers of this movie think to come up with such junk? Why are people so careless and clueless about using their craft to reflect reality when in fact it could be very well the other way around—that the reel influences what is real?

That movie got me so fuming mad inside so pardon my random ranting in this post. While struggling with mixed emotions, I just felt a tug at my heart to do something about this. Probably my idealist self is on the rise once more, but wouldn’t you agree? Just like any other change that we long to happen, it really needs to start somewhere, albeit small. What if every parent would take a step further and not just screen what their kids are watching at home but also speak out and spark change in their communities? What if every Christian student would stand strong in their convictions and boycott sex and violence rampant in all forms of media? What if all artists will be bold and responsible enough to pursue the vast and undiscovered art on the positive side of the spectrum and not just get stuck with the “sure hit” but ever-so-depressing themes? What if those who have the voice speak louder and those who can change the rules change them for the betterment of mankind?

I want to hear more songs, see more visuals and artworks, and watch more movies that will make me a better person. I want to be able to raise my kids in an environment of godly ideals. I may be speaking cliches here or merely doing some wishful thinking but I believe, this can be real when all of us will decide to no longer be puppets of entertainment, but people who care and are wise enough to push for change to happen.