Remember my shoe problem? I was so thrilled to find the shoe brand, Faridez, which makes sandals in size 4. That same brand paved a way for me to discover a new one—Ferretti. Seems like my shoe worries will soon be history!

My first decent peep-toe pair!

I walked in at their branch in Glorietta 5 last February and was instantly fascinated by their stylish shoe designs. All pairs were unique, all worthy to be collected. And for the first time, I had difficulty choosing which pair to pick, having tried on almost ten designs that all fit me. What an experience! Now I can relate to those who have regular-sized feet.

Thanks, Sarah Cada, for taking this picture using your awesome Lumix camera 😀

I chose a black velvet peep-toe high heels. I so wanted to have peep-toe shoes but nothing would fit me before. My dream has finally come true! I wore my first Ferretti peep-toes on a Sunday while leading praise and worship at our church. Praise and worship usually takes 25-30 minutes, which is multiplied into three sessions (one for practice, then first service, then second service). Simply put, I wore those high heels for the whole morning, standing for more than two hours on stage and my feet didn’t feel a sting. The pair was so comfortable despite its three-inch heels and felt so soft against my toes. I was able to jump and move around the stage as much as I liked.

I wore it next to my monthly gig at Dine and Jam. Many of my friends noticed my shoes and it garnered a lot of praises. One of my girl friends said, she was staring at my shoes during the whole set (probably not listening to me anymore, haha!) and even the guys from my band noted the same. Talk about style, comfort, and functionality all in one pair of shoes!

At Dine and Jam singing some jazz songs

Right now, I consider my Ferretti pair as one of my priced possessions and I will definitely add more to my collection. I’m also glad that they have branches in Davao City. I can easily buy my mom a pair when I go home for vacation! Yipee!

Ferretti, Glorietta 5

I highly recommend that you grab your own pair, too! Ferretti has branches around Metro Manila: ground floor of Glorietta 5, in Sta. Lucia East Grandmall, and in leading department stores.

My deepest thanks to Ms. Cecille Valdez-Saculo, brand manager of Faridez, Ferretti, and Naraya, for giving me this opportunity to enjoy and experience Ferretti shoes. Your shoe stores are definitely answers to my prayer to find shoes that fit. God bless you more!