While there may be other regions in the Mindanao area that would take on the crown of being a paradise, Davao is very much entitled to such praise. In fact, it is fondly called as “The Land of Promise” being the crown jewel of Mindanao in terms of economic progress. However, its urban setting is not just what Davao has to offer.

Nature’s Home
Despite being one of the three major metros in the country, Davao gives premium to preserving the environment by allotting a portion of its land area to forests and conservation. Davao is currently home to the nurturing efforts of the endangered Philippine Eagle, the nation’s national bird.

Also, a big chunk of the city’s produce is from agriculture. This can be attributed to the conducive weather condition in the region—there are no typhoons in Davao, not to mention it also has very fertile soil. Thus, anyone who would like to visit can look forward to enjoying the fruits in season such as bananas, grape fruits, pineapples, and the famous Durian.

Very Much a City
Davao’s economic growth has been steady but sturdy for the past years in terms of infrastructure, commerce and technological advancements. It has opened its doors to the world having put up an international airport which serves as a gateway to the Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East Asia Growth Area.

Major industries, commercial companies, and universities thrive in the city, making it a focal point in terms of jobs and education in the south.

The City of Davao can certainly take pride in one thing—balance. With it being able to offer the best of both urban and rural worlds, it lives up to two of its many monikers. Truly, Davao is a paradise and a land of promise.