It’s election season yet again for the Philippines, a time when a smorgasbord of platforms, good (or pretentious) causes leave the people salivating while they only have one precious chance at the buffet table. It is so tempting and easy to just be skeptical about every propaganda that pops out on TV screens or rallies, but in the end we have to use our voting rights wisely. Apathy will never solve anything, a choice can at least leave a dent.

Before I get too melancholic and passionate about this topic, I was recently at a Noynoy-Mar volunteer rally. It was my first time, so I was more of observant than truly sold-out to support these candidates. I think they are a breath of fresh air though. With Noynoy’s clean image and family history that coats his name with gold plus the recent sacrificial move of Mar to support as a running mate for Noynoy, one can easily hope that these two could indeed be a new breed of public servants.

The rally had different excellent bands and singers lined up, performing a song each—songs about the nation, the Filipino, and change. That night had surely awakened afresh the Filipinos’ passion for their motherland.

Noynoy and Mar, in their thank-you speeches, talked about a cultural change that is needed if we want a turnaround in this nation. Somehow, that struck a chord. I was reminded of how in church we believe that to change this nation, we must disciple one person at a time. For me, Noynoy and Mar are close enough to the solution. However, no matter how devoted and sold out people could be for these promising leaders, men and women have no power to transform an individual, much less a nation. We can only see true transformation by God’s power, as the heart is transformed by Him.

Anyway, pardon the unruly mix of thoughts in this blog post. I guess my message is just this: let us know where we put our hope. We are free to choose which public servant to support, but let us not lose our focus on the only way to change this nation which is to live for God and to help every Filipino do the same.