While writing this blog, I was halfway finished with my Salmon Teriyaki dinner at Tokyo Tokyo, Trinoma. I just had to capture the experience while the ecstatic taste of salmon was still inside my mouth, literally!

I have actually seen last weekend that Tokyo Tokyo has brought back the heavenly fish to their sashimi menu list and since then, I couldn’t take it off my mind. Well tonight, my dream just came true. 🙂


I was planning to just have salmon sashimi since I was also craving for Tokyo Tokyo’s Tuna Misono (the other fish love of my life) but unfortunately, they ran out of supply for the day. (Lesson learned: you can’t serve two masters at the same time!) Good thing they also have the Salmon Teriyaki meal. It made my dinner tonight just perfect! The sweetness of the teriyaki sauce would greet your tastebuds with delight, preparing you for the taste of grilled goodness as your teeth would sink into the thick slice of salmon. Every chew treats you to a perfect blend of pleasant flavors. And as you swallow your mouthful (this is my favorite part), the distinct taste that sets the salmon apart from the other fish lingers on . . . aaaaaahhh salmon! 😀

I am sincerely thankful that Tokyo Tokyo decided to bring back salmon into their menu. It opened a door for people who are on a budget like me to enjoy the luxury of salmon at a reasonable and affordable price.

I must have that Tokyo Tokyo salmon sashimi soon!